Webcam Sex Date - A true story about my date with an internet stranger from sex chat

May 21, 2018

Webcam Sex Date - A true story about my date with an internet stranger from sex chat

May 21, 2018

I am a twenty-three years old live webcam girl, living hundreds of miles away from my home in a Northern city in England, working as a waitress in a run-down pub in my free time.

The job itself is bad enough but I have to wear a uniform of short black skirt and a white shirt with the pub logo on the right breast, the thin material doing nothing to restrain my 36DD breasts. As if my fuller figure isn’t enough, my long blonde hair, green eyes, and pale skin help to bring me unwanted attention.

With the constant stream of un-datable pestering me at work and the rest of my time split between attending University and revising that left absolutely no time to find myself a man.

That was when by pure luck, I met a young man named Ray while I was searching through the various webcam sites that I often perused while lying in bed at night, bored and alone.

Ray was five years older than me, a fireman by trade which left as little time for socializing as my life did for me, our common problems drawing us closer together as we had spent days and then weeks chatting constantly to the point where I was sometimes skipping work or University just to chat with him.

Finally, after nearly a month of harmless flirting turning into full-on innuendos we had arranged to meet in a bar in the town where we both lived, deciding that the time was right to do so.

“Abigail” he had greeted me as I met him outside the designated meeting spot, my eyes widening as I realized how much more handsome and muscled he looked in real life than on screen.

Smiling back at him, unable to hide my attraction to him, I let Ray lead me into the bar where he found us a table and then headed off to get the pair of us some drinks from the bar.

As he had stood there casually leaning against the bar, I had sat virtually drooling from both ends of my body as I checked out his physique and easy manner, my eyes are drawn to the sizeable bulge in the front of his jeans. It had been over six months since I had last been with a man and the sight of such a potentially large dick in his trousers was like showing a Happy Meal to a kid. I was suddenly hungry for it, my nerves replaced by lust.

How on Earth had I been lucky enough to find a man this good-looking on a webcam sex site? Seriously, what was someone this hot doing on a website dedicated to webcam live sex?

Letting out a shaky sigh as I studied him, I pictured the pair of us alone at my apartment, I was rubbing myself through my soaking wet knickers as I dropped to my knees on my kitchen floor and sucking his big cock, imagining my full lips wrapped tightly and eagerly around his fat cock as I bobbed my head and played with his big, spunk filled balls.

The sound of him placing my drink down on the wooden table before me, made me a jerk, dragging my thoughts back to the present and smiling awkwardly, we began to speak to each other.

The evening passed by in a whirlwind of jokes, fun, and innuendos and then he had offered to walk me home, suggesting that we take the shortcut through the park in the city center.

Without consciously planning to do so, we were suddenly holding hands as we strode through the darkness, our bodies close together, as we walked side by side through the night.

In no time at all, we had found ourselves in the deepest, darkest part of the park, near the copse of old oak trees that grew to the North of the duck pond and I gasped as he suddenly pushed me against a tree and started kissing my mouth and neck. Sighing, wrapping my arms about him, I groaned and pushed my tongue into his mouth, my hands squeezing his arse through his jeans.

I nearly sobbed with excitement as he parted my legs, his hand vanishing under the hem of my skirt and brushing over the crotch of my panties, and then I was groaning aloud as he dragged the material to one side and pushed a thick finger inside my dripping wet pussy. For a moment, I was lost, my eyes rolling in my head and my mouth gaping open in pleasure.

Then, making myself focus, I reached down with a hand and squeezed the growing bulge in the front of his blue jeans, my heart skipping a beat as I realized just how big his cock was.

Grinning, he stepped back from kissing me and withdrew his fingers from my pussy, both of his hands dragging down his zipper and then spreading the front of his trousers wide.

I gasped in utter disbelief as I realized that he was wearing no underwear and then I was licking my lips in a mixture of desire and fear as I glimpsed his big hard cock for the first time.

Reaching out, I wrapped a hand about it, my fingers nowhere near touching around his girth and he chuckled, “Big enough?”

I nodded, panic touching me for the first time as I wondered if it was going to fit inside me properly, “How big is it, Ray?”

His grin grew wider, “Ten inches”

“Ten inches!” I gasped, shaking my head, “Fuck me!”

His chuckle was lewd, “That’s the plan gorgeous!”

Pushing me back up against the broad trunk of the oak tree at my back, Ray lined his broad cock up between my legs, the swollen head nudging between my soaking wet pussy lips.

“Are you ready?” he asked, his voice low and husky.

I laughed nervously, raising one leg slightly as he pushed his cock against me but then with a curse and a cry of alarm we fell to the ground, me on my back and Ray between my open legs.

I cried out in shock as the angle and inertia of our fall sent him pushing deep inside me, big and deep and hurting, his balls slapping against my arse as he filled me beyond belief.

Biting my lip in pain at his unexpected entry, I was about to curse again but then he began to move his hips and the pain turned to a feeling of completeness, a feeling of being fulfilled.

Unable to believe the sensations that his big cock was causing in me, I started moaning, wanting him back deep inside me every time he pulled back out. Atop me, Ray was groaning and grunting, his mouth pressed to mine as our tongues fought and I could tell he was enjoying it a lot, as he fucked me hard.

For what felt an eternity he stayed that way, pistoning in and out of my dripping gash, his big fat cock fulfilling me in a way that no man ever had before but then with a curse, he pushed his cock real deep into me, I felt his balls twitching against me as he began to cum. Yet instead of stopping after he came, he didn’t!

Instead, he kept fucking my pussy with his cum in me and I shuddered as I felt the warm thick liquid slipping down my arse crack. I fucking loved it. Unable to control me any longer,

I grabbed my big tits and rubbed my hard nipples. Ray kept fucking me as I did so, moaning all the time, “You little whore, I know you like being fucked like the dirty bitch you are!”

I came hard as he spoke, his coarse words dragging an orgasm from my body, my big tits shaking like mad as I came hard.

“You like that eh?” he grinned, kissing me once more and I nodded, my body still trembling and shaking with excitement.

“Oh yes...yes Ray!”

“Then you are going to love this” he chuckled.

Kneeling up, he gripped me by the ankles and crossed his arms, flipping me over onto my belly with ease, his intentions clear.

He was going to fuck me in the arse.

Panic took over me then and I tried to crawl away through the grass, never having done anal before in my life, “Ray no...!”

Instead of letting me go he grabbed my hips and dragged me back before he spanked me hard, and I thought I was going to faint. He deeply pushed his cock into my tight virgin arse. I cried out, the sound low and animal-like and he leaned forwards, cupping my hanging tits, “Easy babes...bit at a time...I don’t want to hurt you!”

With that he slid more cock into me until I bottomed out and he chuckled, squeezing my arse cheeks affectionately as he began to slide in and out of me with that big fat cock of his as he moaned, “Yeah, you like that. Don’t you?”

Despite my initial fears and pain, I could only groan a confirmation, the feeling of being overwhelmed and used in such a taboo manner making me feel suddenly more turned on.

 With a grunt, he pulled out of my arse and quickly turned me around as he came up to my face and told me to open wide.

My mind tilted with lust as he stood there, wanking his huge cock in my face, tapping the swollen head of his cock onto my tongue. By this time, I was fingering myself as I licked and sucked his cock, caught up in my overwhelming passion.

I felt like a whore and I loved it!

With a roar, he came hard, all over my mouth and face, delivering such a big load that I almost choked on his hot seed.

For some time, I simply knelt there on the grass, his thick cock in my hands as I sucked it clean of juices, my breathing haggard, and then he pulled me up to stand facing him, “So...what now?”

I grinned, licking up a stray spot of coming from the corner of my mouth, “How about we go back to mine and watch some live sex chats?”

 His chuckle was genuine, “Absolute fucking filth...let’s do it!”

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